A mission of the heart

My little baby is becoming a little more official lately, reworking my business plan from esthetics college and after many many attempts and rewording, I finally have a mission statement! I put my heart and soul into this little venture of mine and now I would like to share my mission with you all.

“At Blooms and Bowties we believe in serving others while creating memorable and lasting experiences that hold true to the integrity, beauty and playfulness of each individual we connect with, while upholding to the highest level of standards and bringing to life seamless events that are both whimsical and romantic.”

ahh there it is friends…my whole focus for this company right there! After obtaining my certificate from the lovely ladies at the WPIC, I wondered how am I going to do this? How will I learn the inside of a business when I’ve never owned a business before? How would I tell people I want three thousand dollars to plan their weddings when I wasn’t even sure I was worth that yet… well my heart as of late has completely changed its way of thinking and feeling about what I am actually worth. Maybe I don’t have 20 wedding features in just a year of operation but I know that is where I am headed. Baby steps they tell me. For me, it’s not a race… although I would totally love to be at the goal…its the journey to the goal that makes that goal much sweeter. Everyone has little potholes on the way to success… and I never really realized this but those potholes make the next sweet spot worth it. If it came easy to everyone… We would have a lot of really nasty people to work with. It’s because it’s how you deal with stress and how you manage your time or even what you decide to write as a blog post that one day you will just be there and think…wait a second, I’m here? And then you will laugh and say I never want to go back.. even if you are facing 60 more potholes. In the beginning of this little experience, I thought what the heck, why is everyone else leap years away and they’ve only just begun themselves? Well little did I actually know, they didn’t really just begin, they have just now succeeded. That is the difference. They have worked their little tails off just as hard and just as long to get to where they are, but we don’t see that stage in their business. We see the shiny lights that say, I’ve arrived! Patience. It will happen if you make it happen. No matter what journey you are on, it will happen. I am a firm believer in becoming what we think and feel. So if you feel worthless…you eventually become worthless. Change that attitude! Tell yourself, you are worth that three thousand dollars whether you’ve planned 3 weddings or 100 weddings.

Last saturday I attended a church meeting with my mom after 4 years of what I would call betrayals against my own beliefs, I decided now is the time to do what I know in my heart to be true and not care or worry what anyone else thinks or says. So I sat in the pew for the first time and before I knew it, I felt that lump in my throat and the little pinchies all over. I was feeling something that I was longing to feel for four years! I felt home. While I sat there with a bunch of strangers watching the broadcast, I tried to hold back the tears through all of the songs that God decided I needed to hear that day. One of the leaders during his talk mentioned worth. We are worth everything to Him and we really need to start believing we are. I think that is part of the reason my mission statement starts with “we believe in serving others” because without a heart of service, you are nothing. In this industry, or any for that matter, you need to not only focus on your business and how to make a living but you also need to focus on service to others. I let myself become so self-absorbed in the last few years and I’ve forgotten that huge piece of me. I haven’t really been doing that, but that is why we learn the things we do sometimes. We just need to be reminded what really matters in life. For me that is my family, my faith and my goals to help more people in life. It’s not something I like to brag about when I give to charity or make 8 dozen cupcakes for my mother in law when she just doesn’t have the time, I do it out of love and for the sheer fact that I know if the roles were reversed, the same would be done for me.

As I write this insanely personal post, my heart is softening and I’m starting to feel those pinchies all over. I may also be slightly crying. But this is a good thing. I am feeling again. Something I so desperately wanted to feel is finally inside me, and that is hope. This past few days many wonderful people were attending the Make Things Happen Conference in Chapel Hill, and while I was not one of those participants I have been making things happen right here at home. Baby steps. I honestly just woke up this morning feeling like I needed to write this post and I’m not even proof reading because once I stop typing I can’t even focus because the words just keep filling my head. Maybe the purpose of it is for someone else who is feeling the same way I did, who knows. But I know I had the strongest push out of bed to get up and write. I don’t claim to be a good writer and I am definitely not a good social speaker, I am actually an immensely quiet person and I often keep to myself, which is funny because I chose to be a wedding planner where I have to put more than just words out there, I need to put my whole self out there!

It’s funny, Wendy a wonderful photog friend of mine we have seen each other in person twice but every time I talk to her, I know she once felt the same way I did. Shy, introverted and not really sure of her worth. But every time I see her on location in some sunny destination having what looks like a really awesome time, I can hardly believe she was once the shy unsure girl. She has more friends than anyone I know and she makes me howl every time I talk to her. She is actually one of the biggest inspirations to me but I don’t think she knows. Every time I tell her I quit, she pretty much tells me to shut up. YOU CAN NOT QUIT. I WILL KILL YOU, and then she says something funny like remember your old boss. That alone should keep you from quitting. I love her. I think we all need someone like this in our lives, someone who pushes us softly and someone who drags us by the hair like Wendy.

I crossed two things off my goal list for March, one was to be logo certified and one was to create a mission statement that in so many words described not only my business but me as a whole. These things I believe to be true and that is what I put out to the universe with the hopes that the couples who take a leap of faith with me, will feel that my mission is more about service to them and their desires than it is about those 20 features. (those are a bonus) But if my couples can feel that nothing at all means more to me than making them happy, then I’ve already succeeded.

Authentically me


I am sitting here staring at three Balls of yarn that will somehow turn into a picnic blanket for the summer… I learnt how to knit when I was 14 at a young woman’s activity night at church and always thought of continuing that skill.. Not being able to find the blanket I’m looking for is what has me so inspired to refresh my brain and become a cute old lady knitting machine.

I remember a lot of counting and frustration but also a lot of fun too. Being able to hand make something is so rewarding. It’s something that isn’t done very often unless you do a lot of baking.. But people don’t often take time to make things anymore. If they even buy gifts.. It’s all just gift cards or money nowadays.

I have a lot of time on my hands lately and not being able to find a job or jobs bores me into insanity. Maybe when I get really good at it, I will open up an ETSY shop and start selling all my creative masterpieces that keep piling up in my house just waiting for a good place to go and a nice person to own them. When I was a kid, I used to use all of my grandmas paint and just paint anything and everything that came to mind, and on the other side, I would receive little crochet dish towels or socks. Home made gifts have always been something of a passion for me, I’ve always been that way around Christmas especially.. I would give gifts that were handmade and meant something. Over the past few years I have given home made gifts of a tasty nature, I think my recipients have been thankful for that!

I have paintings, sewing projects, knitting and many other hobbies that would make you think I’m about 95 years old on a rocking chair with a white picket fence and a pie cooling in the window. But I love it. Soon I will get my old typewriter fixed and start writing “blog posts” with it, so that my children and grandchildren can read them the way I used to read old letters and such from my great grandparents. Growing up in church we did a lot of service for people, one actually being knitting a scarf for someone. It’s funny how full circle life really is.

There are a lot of things I want to learn and do before I “kick the bucket” as they say. Many things I want to face fear wise like snowboarding or camping in algonquin where my husband loves to go every summer, and maybe learn how to be around a bee without risking my life. My biggest hope is that when I have children, they don’t learn from me the things I have learned from my parents or grandparents or great grandparents. (No offence guys) I want them to have zero fears, zero regrets, zero anxiety. Maybe we will raise an Olympian haha who knows. I think it all starts with doing new things, things we wouldn’t normally do… Like knitting a blanket or skiing the black diamond (whoa whoa that’s pushing it. I’m still on the bunny hill and I’m okay with that.) but for real, we always seem to do what everyone else is doing and trying to be just like everyone else the way we talk, dress or do things. I challenge you to find one thing you have always wanted to do, and do it even if it makes you seem like a 95 year old. It will be fun I swear.

So as I sit here trying to do two things at once, I am going to somehow turn these balls of yarn into a blanket, then I’m gonna do some more crazy things people say we don’t have time for anymore. Maybe opening up that little ETSY shop will turn into something bigger than I imagined.

Happy knitting folks. Do something different today. I would love to know what you come up with!



The Shift


Happy Friday Everyone!

This year I’ve gotta say, has gotten off to a really good start with a few minor details that God has put on my path just to remind me to still hustle and remain positive through it all. “Something has changed within me, something is not the same” quoting Wicked of course.. But something has completely switched guys, I don’t know how and I really don’t care all I know is my heart is so full of gratitude and a new respect for the life I’ve been given. No longer do I wake up in the mornings with a bad attitude just because, and my so to often self complaints have changed into positive affirmation no matter how much that “I’m so ugly” statement tries to weasel it’s way out of my mouth. My New Years goal and statement for the year is C’est La Vie, and my word this year for life is foudroyant (adj) meaning dazzling, stunning in effect. This year I will dazzle inside and out even if I’m the only one who can see it. For so many years as most of you who know me, know that I change my hair colour from brunette to blonde to both and back and forth throughout the year… I never felt at peace with how I looked on the outside but never changed a damn thing about my self on the inside which made it hard for me to appreciate the outside no matter what my hair colour was or how tanned my skin looked.

This year is all about not giving a hoot about anyone else’s opinion of what hair colour looks best on me and if I’ve gained a few pounds. I have found peace in what God has given me and I have to appreciate it because some people are not fortunate to have the things I so often complained about. I’m taking every negative situation and finding light from it. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it’s hard to snap out of a funk especially when you are trying really hard but saying how grateful I am for even just one thing during the day has completely changed me.

This year may not have started with a fully booked wedding schedule and I have to be okay with that. I could do what most wedding planners start out doing but I’m not okay with that. I have yet to read worth every penny but it is on my list of things to do this year, I know I can charge whatever I want to even as a “newbie” because I can deliver and make it worth every penny. I have lost 3 potential weddings that I know of.. two were sent my way but never gave me a chance and one who had emailed me last year under the Keighli Events name emailed me again under my new business name just looking for a price. Even though last time I did not get a thank you but no thank you, I still emailed away fully knowing it wasn’t about me and what I do it was about price. And I’m okay with that, because it comes with the job. I also didn’t give in to someone who has been in my life for a long time now, not allowing myself to do it just because I don’t want to lose them as a client or a friend. I said I’m sorry but I actually don’t do that but if you check out my website I have many packages that you can choose from. To my surprise instead of saying well that really sucks, I received wow I’m so proud of you, so professional already! It felt good to stand my ground even if I lost out on something.

This year I have spent more time devoted to organization and making lists and plans. Making sure at least once a week I blog, and keep up to date with social media. One thing I do need to remember is my work hours that I have set… And to take breaks. I gotta say, it’s super hard to remember that your body needs fuel and sleep in order to keep going, especially when you’re knee deep in a Fairytale wedding that you stay up until 430am designing and working out the details for. I am reminded by the bride to go to bed, it can wait. It’s just the love that I have for this job that all these ideas keep popping into my head when I’m trying to unwind at night. I have set myself a bedtime… That I often don’t adhere to but most of the time I do. 11pm is the latest I will starting now, allow myself to stay up until, especially on work nights. Most of this month I’ve gone to bed at 1030, and after 8 hours I’ve felt so rested and energized to tackle all those lists during the day.

I have also started back on my Isagenix nutrition program and for the last week I’ve noticed a major shift in how I feel physically and emotionally not to mention I’m able to fit into some of my tight stuff again. It’s going to be a battle not indulging in those Doritos but to be honest, I ate some a few days ago and the next day… I did absolutely nothing all day, I spent the entire day grouchy and on the couch neglecting my lists, neglecting my self and most importantly feeling like absolute poo. Not worth it. Not at all.
Every morning I start my day with a chocolate shake that takes me less than a minute to prepare and then I’m good to go. I have to remind myself to eat before I do anything. Your body works it’s best if you eat maximum 30 minutes after waking up. Any longer than that and you’re just setting yourself up for a bad day. It really does make a difference in how productive I am when I make it a priority.

I have made it a goal to train my pup 30 minutes a day, 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening.. It gives us bonding time and makes him a lot more manageable when I pay attention to him. That sounds awful but sometimes you forget and you’ve gone the whole day without giving him snuggles or affection and when you get into bed he avoids you like the plague because you didn’t spend a second with him all day other than taking him outside to pee and filling his food bowls. He is really good, now he sits, lays down, stays, jumps, waits, and tries to warn me he’s gonna pee inside if I don’t take him out right now. He’s gotten so big, I think he’s 40 or 45 lbs at 6 months. Guess we are going to need a bigger house soon.

Anyways, I have achieved what I set out to do today now it’s time to go make dinner and wait for my hubby to come home :)

Here’s to the rest of January and an even better February! Have an inspiring day friends and make it count!

Dani XO


Glitter, romance and flowers galore


Okay guys get ready for some serious pretty overload here. The Toronto Wedlux Magazine wedding show this Sunday was absolutely to die for. From the intense floral installation ceiling, delicious French macarons, romantic candlelit tablescapes, and above all else- stunning … Continue reading

The truth about wedding planners


I am often asked, why do you support other wedding planners aren’t they competition? And the answer is, actually no. Believe it or not I find other wedding planners and creative designers to be inspiring. Especially the ones that stand out from the rest. There is one planner that I had the pleasure of meeting a little while ago and to be honest I was terrified! I was scared she would be upset with me for trying to make a name for myself in the vintage rentals aspect of the wedding industry. But truth be told, she was the sweetest person I could have met. Wedding creatives all have something different to offer, everyone is unique and can be of value in one way or another and it’s important to work together building each other up instead of tearing each other down. Yes you could say we are all in competition but we are not all trying to have the same brides hire us. Each couple will click with different planners and some won’t click at all.

I was fortunate to go to school at the WPIC, where many other planners are either just starting their careers or going back for new material because this industry is always changing. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to see all of the people working together to learn this really fun and beautiful career we have all chosen to be apart of. I am also fortunate enough to attend fun parties held by the WPIC members and get to know everyone personally. We have alumni boards where planners can hire assistants for weddings and where we can all find valuable information and guidance from really awesome people.

There are many seriously talented pros who I can’t wait to meet one day, I can pick their brains and be inspired by what they have to offer. If people remain so tied up with the negative or trying to one up each other, our own businesses would crumble because now we are focused on someone else instead of our own self growth. Of course there are many occasions where I go shoot I wish I thought of that or man that’s really good I wish I had that talent, but that’s why if we all worked together to build each other up, couples who have hired us will not only have the most amazing wedding experience of their lives but they will know that the person they’ve chosen to plan their special day wanted to create that experience for them, and not just build a portfolio.

You can often tell who’s in the industry for the wrong reasons. The ones who are mean and selfish and does not play well with other vendors that are similar to their own business. The ones who take time to teach young pups like myself or offer internships and the ones who so desperately want to create magic for you, those are the ones you gotta keep an eye out for because those are the ones you want planning the most important day of your lives!

I am so inspired today and feeling full of gratitude for all the lovely friends I have met and am about to meet. To any other wedding creatives, take the time to personally get to know someone who is in direct “competition” with you, and you will be greatly surprised that you are probably wrong about them. Don’t let your ego for being the best get in the way of creating amazing relationships! You won’t be disappointed. Xo

Have an inspiring day friends!


Oh Holy Night.. wait it’s October?

It’s October 18th..and you would think I have everything prepared for Halloween right? Well then you would be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been told I’m crazy but after seeing Yankee candle and all those other Christmas stores opened in the mall yesterday, I had the urge to decorate for..you guessed it..CHRISTMAS! (Insert you are a crazy face here)

There is just something about the holidays that create so much magic for me. The sparkle, the crisp white snow, the carrolers and everything else. I am the girl you would see rocking out to Christmas music all year-long. Even in the +30 degree weather. When I was a little girl, my grandma and mom would make the holidays something to remember. From the beautifully decorated (and magazine worthy might I add) tree right down to the individually wrapped stocking stuffers, you knew Christmas was a special time for our family. My mom wasn’t the type to put a single gift under the tree before Christmas day not even if it was from her for my dad. I think that’s a tradition I will continue when Paul and I have children. There was something about not seeing any presents under the tree that made me wonder if even their gifts were from santa too.

I remember baking with my grandma every year, eating the raw sugar cookie dough underneath the table and singing along to every song that played. Those moments are part of my favorite memories as a child. If you know me, you know that as soon as santa left our house, I was awake. I would sneak down to the living room and just sit and stare at the magical tree with all it’s pretty light. As a child, it was about the presents but as I got older, it was about that magical feeling. I would even get a letter back from santa or one of his elves sometimes. (They sure knew how to make it special.) I used to wait patiently until my parents would wake up, and we would have a big breakfast before opening any gifts. I am so glad my parents taught us this value. It’s not about gifts, it’s about being together and that is something I truly treasured every year.

One year while living in Fort McMurray, Alberta my grandma was coming to visit but she wouldn’t make it until boxing day, because of the weather I think.. My brother and I without a single thought about it, told our mom we wanted to wait until she was there to open any of our gifts. She was coming to see us and we wanted to spend those magical moments with her. I think this made them both cry and i know my mom bragged about it for years. And you know what the best part was.. seeing how thankful she was for us to sacrifice our new toys for her happiness. It kind of makes me tear up just thinking about it really.

Don’t even get me started on the movies! The Polar Express…may be my second favorite movie of all time. After Beauty and the Beast of course. The way the little boy sings when Christmas comes to town, it gets to me every time. Even the voice of santa. I always imagine that’s how santa would sound. And yes.. I do still believe. One year, there was a turkey drive put on by the radio station and I told my mom we had to buy two! One for us and one big one for another family who couldn’t buy their own. (And my heart grew three sizes that day) Every year I try really hard to think about others. Sometimes things get in the way, but mostly it’s just excuses and selfishness. And my heart knows when I don’t think of others..that magic doesn’t come as easily and it doesn’t last.

So last night I unpacked all of my decorations, and yes I did set them up. As soon as I was done, I had a little laugh and thought wow I am really nuts! But I felt that magic as I do every year and it brought me more joy than a silly ghost costume ever could. Although Halloween hasn’t gone by and I get strange looks from the mailman when I open my door… I refuse to change. This is what makes me..me. And although you might think I am clinically insane, I am already in the Christmas spirit. Even if it’s only October.

XO Dani

Our Fairytale. Part 2

That night when I got home from work I instantly went on Facebook to see if he was there. We chatted for a little while but it was late and we both had to work the next day. I couldn’t wait to see him again and he was all I could think about. I had a big goofy grin for a few weeks and he asked me out again. We went out a few times, in between his crazy work schedule and Christmas right around the corner. He had asked me if I ever went snowboarding and the girly girl I am, sadly had never done it. He asked me if I would like to learn (horrified but wanting to impress hottiemchotterson) I agreed to learning. He said we could go on Boxing Day but we would have to go super early because it would be one of the busiest times of the season (again horrified… Who does things that early?) I was so scared but even more excited that I would get to spend a day with him doing something he loved so much.

Christmas Day I received a text wishing me a merry Christmas and that he had a small gift for me. Little did he know he was going to love me very soon especially when I gave him all the lovely baked goods I had made that week. Before Christmas he asked me what my plans were and I told him that I would be baking, and I was trying to make sugar cookies and had planned on decorating them with coloured icing. I had never been to Michael’s or any craft store in my life before I met Paul so I never knew to look for stuff there. So on Christmas morning Paul came to my house as my family and I were packing up gifts to head to my grandmas. I was so excited that he wanted to see me at all let alone on Christmas Day!

Paul looked so adorable and handsome and I just wanted to squeeze him! He gave me a hug and was very nice to my mom and brother too. He sat on the couch with me and gave me a card and a gift. I couldn’t believe I was getting something and a card.. Wow he’s a keeper. I opened the card and it was the cutest, two melting snow men on vacation I believe. Inside he had actually written something more than just his name. He said lovely things and that he had hoped our friendship would grow and prosper. I was so excited!! I opened his gift and it was a full set of Christmas cookie cutters and a big tube of red icing. (He remembered!) I was Already in love but this just confirmed it. He listened to my needs and he wanted to make sure I had what I needed to finish my baking.

I handed him a box of treats and I said share these with your family. (Now I know better… a man that eats desserts for breakfast, probably ate them all on the way home!) my mom could tell this was a special guy, and she knew he was falling in love. He said he had to go, his family was all together for Christmas and they would wonder where he was. He told me he would pick me up at 8am and that we would have a good day. Christmas Day couldn’t be over fast enough (for anyone who knows me well, knows I don’t wish Christmas away for anything!)

The next morning came, and while I had every intention of waking up early to look pretty for our date on the hill, I was woken by my mom frantically telling me to hurry, paul was waiting downstairs! I almost threw up. I thought oh my goodness, I’m not even cute yet and I have to go downstairs to tell him I slept in. Fail.
Even worse I only had my hair in messy pigtails, bright pink soccer socks and my new la senza house robe on. My mom encouraged me not to change, she said if you go down there like that, he will fall in love with you anyway. I thought she was losing it but ok I took her advice. I went down to meet paul who was standing in the hallway with snow pants and a smile. I apologized so much and he said it was ok, we didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to. I was not going to ruin my chances by letting him leave so I said no its ok I showered before bed I’ll just get dressed and brush my teeth then we can go. I had planned on being cute that day but I went out anyway. Must be love.. Already not wearing makeup around a cute boy.

We got to Glen Eden and I was so terrified of getting hurt or looking stupid which both indeed happened but I was so happy to be there with Paul all day. He graciously took me to the bunny hill and started to teach me how to stand up first.. then he held my hand and stood in front of me making sure I didn’t fall as we made our way down the hill. He never once told me to go down alone, and he held me up the entire day. I fell a few times and I brought him down with me but he was kind and wouldn’t let me fall alone. I was going down way too fast and he had to run to keep up and as I started to bail he was right there as I fell straight on my ass. We laid on the ground laughing and having a good time. I wanted him to kiss me so badly, and I think he almost did but he got a little shy and we just stared into each others eyes instead.

I was freezing, wet, probably sweeting but I was so in love. He took me home and I told me mom every detail. We giggled and jumped up and down. Paul had a wedding in Cuba that he had to go to that next week and I was sad to see him go but I was excited to see him the day he left. Mr procrastinator didn’t pack until that day and he asked if I would like to see him and go get a camera at Best Buy before he had to go. (Of course I said yes) I helped him pack and we sat in his front room taking a few selfies with his new camera in the process. He said he wished I could come and that he had looked at how much it would cost to take me with him. I didn’t yet have a passport so I wouldn’t have been able to go but I wanted to. A few days after he left I heard the phone ring. It was Paul…from CUBA! Holy crap that must have been serious cash but he called me and we chatted a little while. He said he missed me and was having a good time but he couldn’t wait to come home and see me again.

I got off the phone and did a happy dance with my mom. He loves me he loves me! When he got home we met again and he told me I must get a passport. I was in shock because I have never left Canada before and this guy wants to take me somewhere! Woooooo. I quickly got my passport and waited for him to tell me where we were going.

Stay tuned for part 3 xo

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Over the last few days I’ve received very touching and heartfelt messages of positive reinforcement and serious love from my friends, And not just the ones I see on a daily basis, but the ones who admire from afar which really melts my heart.

Lately I’ve been up and down.. Not knowing how to “brand” myself and my business, feeling like I’m really close to my dreams but I can’t seem to push past that speed bump. I write daily, I am constantly researching ideas and inspiration, and I’m reading blogs from people I truly admire like Rhiannon from Hey Gorgeous Events (I would love to be her friend, seriously she just amazes me daily)

Every few days I try to write compelling blogs that not only tell my story but show my personality and kooky self that will spark interest in future couples.

Some days I wonder if I am creative enough as most things regarding weddings have already been thought of, or if my ideas will be enjoyed by others. Other days I think, I’m a serious force to be reckoned with. Those are my favourite days.. I feel my most creative ideas come from those days that I’m in my best mindset.

I can feel success coming. It’s like a tornado in the distance that you kind of want to chase but at the same time you want to run far far away. It’s a strange thing. One of my favourite movies is Finding Nemo, really how can you go wrong with Pixar or Disney? Every time I feel low I think of that cute blue fish and I hum that famous line, just keep swimming swimming swimming.

A little over a year ago Paul and I were engaged at the most beautiful “Pictured Rocks” on Lake Superior in Michigan. We were so in love with the natural beauty of our surroundings and as I looked at those incredible photos today I saw this 18 mile wonder of God and it was not created in one day, not even one year.. This work of art took thousands of years to perfect. The most beautiful creations can’t be unveiled until they are ripe to perfection and this is what I am determined to think of every time I wonder if I’m cut out for this business. My art is a masterpiece that needs time to perfect and once it’s unveiled, just as paul and I were in awe of its wonder, others will feel the same about me.

When I hear the words don’t give up keep pushing on, you can do it, I won’t let you give up, I believe in you, etc.. I feel that desire that made me decide this path in the first place. I just want to go out into the world and say “here I am!” I have been planning these past few days to do a styled wedding shoot. For those of you that aren’t aware of what that is, it’s basically Pinterest comes to life.. (OMG I know !!) I have a theme and a colour palette in mind and I am getting extremely excited to prepare the details these next few months. It will be my first mock wedding shoot so I’m undoubtedly nervous but I think the excitement outweighs the fear for this one.

Finding other creatives is going to be enjoyable for me, getting my name out there to all the big guys in the business truly makes my heart beat faster. Now to find the funds for this project! I see myself doing some pedicures for this one guys.. Yuck.

I know that Rhiannon will probably never see this blog but I’m going to thank her anyway, for her beautiful spirit and serious skill and love for all things gorgeous, she has given me some hope in this crazy competitive industry to keep swimming until I get there. I have a serious girl crush on this top knotted, Starbucks loving, hell of a floral designing, wedding giant! One day I will tell her in person! She definitely rocks the wedding world and I can not wait to collaborate with her, if there ever is a day.

Xo Dani