Oh Holy Night.. wait it’s October?

It’s October 18th..and you would think I have everything prepared for Halloween right? Well then you would be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been told I’m crazy but after seeing Yankee candle and all those other Christmas stores opened in the mall yesterday, I had the urge to decorate for..you guessed it..CHRISTMAS! (Insert you are a crazy face here)

There is just something about the holidays that create so much magic for me. The sparkle, the crisp white snow, the carrolers and everything else. I am the girl you would see rocking out to Christmas music all year-long. Even in the +30 degree weather. When I was a little girl, my grandma and mom would make the holidays something to remember. From the beautifully decorated (and magazine worthy might I add) tree right down to the individually wrapped stocking stuffers, you knew Christmas was a special time for our family. My mom wasn’t the type to put a single gift under the tree before Christmas day not even if it was from her for my dad. I think that’s a tradition I will continue when Paul and I have children. There was something about not seeing any presents under the tree that made me wonder if even their gifts were from santa too.

I remember baking with my grandma every year, eating the raw sugar cookie dough underneath the table and singing along to every song that played. Those moments are part of my favorite memories as a child. If you know me, you know that as soon as santa left our house, I was awake. I would sneak down to the living room and just sit and stare at the magical tree with all it’s pretty light. As a child, it was about the presents but as I got older, it was about that magical feeling. I would even get a letter back from santa or one of his elves sometimes. (They sure knew how to make it special.) I used to wait patiently until my parents would wake up, and we would have a big breakfast before opening any gifts. I am so glad my parents taught us this value. It’s not about gifts, it’s about being together and that is something I truly treasured every year.

One year while living in Fort McMurray, Alberta my grandma was coming to visit but she wouldn’t make it until boxing day, because of the weather I think.. My brother and I without a single thought about it, told our mom we wanted to wait until she was there to open any of our gifts. She was coming to see us and we wanted to spend those magical moments with her. I think this made them both cry and i know my mom bragged about it for years. And you know what the best part was.. seeing how thankful she was for us to sacrifice our new toys for her happiness. It kind of makes me tear up just thinking about it really.

Don’t even get me started on the movies! The Polar Express…may be my second favorite movie of all time. After Beauty and the Beast of course. The way the little boy sings when Christmas comes to town, it gets to me every time. Even the voice of santa. I always imagine that’s how santa would sound. And yes.. I do still believe. One year, there was a turkey drive put on by the radio station and I told my mom we had to buy two! One for us and one big one for another family who couldn’t buy their own. (And my heart grew three sizes that day) Every year I try really hard to think about others. Sometimes things get in the way, but mostly it’s just excuses and selfishness. And my heart knows when I don’t think of others..that magic doesn’t come as easily and it doesn’t last.

So last night I unpacked all of my decorations, and yes I did set them up. As soon as I was done, I had a little laugh and thought wow I am really nuts! But I felt that magic as I do every year and it brought me more joy than a silly ghost costume ever could. Although Halloween hasn’t gone by and I get strange looks from the mailman when I open my door… I refuse to change. This is what makes me..me. And although you might think I am clinically insane, I am already in the Christmas spirit. Even if it’s only October.

XO Dani


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